Vari Freight

Forest Hill Lodge

Mr Zendera

Gate Hill Enterprises

Mr Patel

Mrs Marikano

Mr Matikiti

Mr Jasat

Chanik Investments


Glazing aluminium frames

Fixing 2 doors and windows

Fitting four windows and two doors

Fixing of 2 aluminium windows

Al frames, casement window, hinged door

Fitting shower cubicle

Fitting single sliding door

Fitting single sliding door

Casement window


The project went well.

The customer is satisfied with the work done.

Good, no complaints.

Everything was sorted out nicely.

Everything is okay, gave details for another potential client along Samora Machel who wants the same job done.

Went very well, the customer is happy with the project.

Went well, although the client will be needing another glass on the right side as his daughter went through it by accident.

The customer is please with the work done.

Very well done, and will need more jobs to be done.